Day of Mourning - April 28, 2020

Every year on April 28 we mark the National Day of Mourning to recognize those who have been killed or injured at work.

This year we can’t gather for the usual ceremonies.  But this year, more than any other, we are conscious of those who risk their lives and their health at work.

This year the COVID19 pandemic has made us appreciate the value and strength we have as workers.  It’s made us more aware of the dangers faced in our workplaces, and of the safety of the workers who keep our nation strong and healthy.

This year we struggle to understand the senseless deaths in our community, including those to workers.  And we haven’t even begun to fathom the life changing injuries that were caused.  Paramedics, firefighters, dispatchers, medical providers, hospital workers – so many workers were exposed to the unspeakable, so many will never be the same.

On Tuesday, April 28, we hope you’ll make the time to pause and remember.  Remember those who died and those who will be forever changed by the events of April 18/19.  Remember the 22 workers who died because of their work in Nova Scotia last year.  Remember the thousand workers in Canada who died at work every year.  And remember those who are out there right now working through this pandemic to care for us, to keep us fed, to keep us sheltered, and to keep us going.

Because this year more than ever we know “an injury to one is an injury to all”.

And if anything good comes out of these terrible times, perhaps it will be a nation of workers who won’t be considered disposable anymore, and who stand up for our right to safe and healthy workplaces.

For a short observance, join the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour on their Facebook page on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 at 11 am.