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Stress Full Compensation Symposium

Our Stress Full Compensation Symposium was successful by all the measures we hoped and planned for. Here are some pictures of the discussions, panellists and attendees. Below the gallery is the original call for participation and description of the Symposium. For more information about the Symposium or the issue of Stress Compensation, please contact us.

This Symposium is now over, the original call for participation is reproduced here.

A Symposium
November 8th, 2014

Hosted at the Delta Halifax
1990 Barrington Street
Halifax, NS B3J 1P2

In Nova Scotia the definition of accident in the Workers Compensation Act excludes stress as a compensable injury, unless the stress results from an acute reaction to a traumatic event (generally referred to as the “stress exclusion”). This means that a worker who suffers from stress which is built-up, over time, is generally not entitled to WCB benefits. Over the past few years we have seen challenges to the “stress exclusion” in our Appeals Tribunals and in our Courts. In April an Ontario Appeals Tribunal struck down the “stress exclusion” as contrary to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In December the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal will hear a similar case.

As a leader in bringing timely topics to the forefront, the Office of the Worker Counsellor is hosting a 1-day symposium StressFullCompensation featuring leading experts from across the country: learn about the B.C. experience; share the facts of the Ontario nurse’s claim resulting in the striking down of the exclusion by WSIAT; learn from a medical expert about the medical condition; hear from an expert about Saskatchewan’s legislation; be briefed on the Nova Scotia case by the lawyer who will be arguing the appeal. Be part of this important learning exercise and explore with us the options for a measured response in Nova Scotia.