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How to File a Claim

The Workers’ Compensation Act requires employers to provide the WCB with a fully completed Employers Report of Injury within 5 (five) business days of becoming aware of a workplace injury.

File Claim

Email a Counsellor.
Call 902 -455 -5455
Long Distance
Call 877 -220 -2722

Here are the general steps to file a claim:

Step 1:

Report the injury to your employer as soon as possible.

Step 2:

Even if you do not miss time from work, or see a healthcare provider because of a work-related injury, make sure that a report of the injury is filed with the WCB by phone, fax or mail.

Step 3:

If your employer does not file an injury report, you may do so. Forms are available on the WCB website at Click on “Forms”, then “Workers” and “WCB Injury Report”. Fill in the form as best you can and send it to the WCB, even if your employer does not sign it. This will at least get the claim process started.

By phone:

Call the Workers’ Compensation Board in HRM at 491-8999, and a Claim Information Representative will take injury details. Outside HRM, call toll free, 1-800-870-3331.
For Sydney workers the numbers are (902) 563-2444 and 1-800 880-0003

By fax:

Fax your completed Workers’ Report of Injury Form to the WCB at (902) 491-8001

By mail:

Mail your completed Workers’ Report of Injury Form to the WCB at the following address:

Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia
PO Box 1150 Halifax, NS B3J 2Y2

The forms can be filled out on your computer or you can obtain the paper forms by calling the WCB at the above numbers.


Step 4:

Be sure to get medical attention. Let your doctor know that you will be making a claim. Your doctor will then complete a medical report on your injury and fax or mail it to the WCB.

Step 5:

You have the right to see your doctor for your injury, even if your employer or the WCB is insisting that you go to a Physiotherapy Clinic of their choosing for a Physical Abilities Assessment.

Step 6:

The purpose of the Physical Abilities Assessment is to assess your residual abilities for modified duties following your injury so that it may not be necessary for you to miss time from work.

Step 7:

Make sure that your doctor has a copy of the Physical Abilities Assessment as soon as possible and that he/she approves the return to work plan.

Step 8:

Keep in contact with your Case Manager. Keeping in touch can really help to ease your return to work.

Step 9:

Be sure to follow the advice of your medical professional. Take your medications and participate in any physical rehabilitation programs they prescribe. An active recovery is the best way to minimize the negative effects of your injury. Your WCB benefits may be stopped if you aren’t following your doctor’s treatment plan. Click here if you wish information on how to appeal.